The State of Image Theft in 2016

How were photographer’s images stolen in 2016?

Over 800 photographers responded to Pixsy on how their images were used — or misused– over the past year. The results we received were enlightening, unsettling, and surprising.

Over the next couple of weeks, Pixsy will be releasing the findings from our survey in a series of infographic cards, titled “The State of Image Theft 2016”. As we release each statistic on Facebook and Twitter, we’ll be updating this space here with the whole collection.


Although the majority of photographers had not experienced image theft more than 50 times this year, the number of work stolen still exceeded our expectations.

Photographers image theft


Out of all the usual photo theft suspects, who misused the most in 2016?

who steals your images?


Many photographers choose not to pursue image theft. Not surprising when you consider…



If you’re a professional photographer, you should probably be registering your work with the copyright office.



How often are the images from professional photographers stolen, compared to hobbyists?


Check in again with us in the New Year. Once all the cards are released, we’ll be offering more detailed background information on each finding, plus actionable items to help you protect your work in 2017!

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