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Pixsy offers an advanced image tracking solution that notifies you when your photos are stolen and helps you claim compensation

We’ve helped 16,000+ photographers in 70+ countries uncover over 100 million uses of their photos online.

Identify image theft

We scan the web for matches of your photos and show you where they are used. Pixsy even checks in the closet and under the sofa. If your photos are ever stolen, you can submit a case and claim compensation.


Claim compensation

Just click “Submit a Case” if you see that your photo has been stolen. Pixsy’s Resolution team will investigate and collect evidence. Our global network of law firms will help you claim compensation if your photos are used without authorization.


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Rohan Anderson


Part of the benefit of using Pixsy for me is having the backing of their name. I have had issues in the past issuing invoices to infringers: as a single photographer I wasn’t seen as a threat and would generally go unpaid. Pixsy changed that. I highly recommend that you head over to Pixsy and request an invite to join their absolutely fantastic service.

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Pixsy operates internationally

Pixsy currently works with more than a dozen law firms in the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, and Luxembourg.

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Let’s fight image theft together!

We give photographers and independent creatives an opportunity to stand up for themselves. With Pixsy, only you can decide when and how your work is used.