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The Best of Pixsy 2016

Graham   •     •   Pixsy News

Pixsy had a strong year when it came to fighting image theft, but our blog also soared to new heights. Apart from unveiling feature updates and company news, we jampacked this space with educational, entertaining and off-the-wall content related to both copyright law and photography.

Whether you missed them the first time or want a refresher course, here’s a rundown of Pixsy’s top 10 most-read posts from 2016.


The State of Image Theft in 2016

Karl Ryan   •     •   Copyright, Pixsy News

How were photographer’s images stolen in 2016?

Pixsy surveyed over 800 members of the photographic community about how their images were used — or misused — in 2016.

Read more for the most important findings from the report published as infographic cards, along with supporting statistics that paint a clearer picture of how images are stolen online.


Why We Are Thankful for You!

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Thanksgiving 2016 is going to be an important holiday here at the Pixsy offices. Quite a few of the team members hail from the United States, but this year all of us, regardless of where we’re from, have something special to be thankful for.

Over the last few months, thousands of photographers joined us in the fight against image theft. This team-up has seen case after case of unauthorized photo use resolved, and strengthened the rights of artists worldwide. We couldn’t have accomplished this and grown so much as a company without the help and patience of our users, so it’s about time we extend our thanks to the Pixsy community.


Photographers’ Input Needed: “The State of Image Theft 2016”

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photography copyright questions
Featured Photo: Juliana Coutinho via Flickr || CC BY 2.0

Over the last year, Pixsy has teamed up with thousands of photographers to find and fight image theft.  Our users have given us remarkable insight into the countless ways an image can be misused, and where in the world it’s going down. However, we realize that so far we’ve only scratched the surface of the problem.

We want to help photographers better safeguard their work. Therefore, we’re releasing a comprehensive survey for “The State of Image Theft 2016”

Our aim is to reveal to the photographic community the impact copyright infringement has on their work, and to finally take this matter out of the shadows. Among others, we are seeking to reveal:


Let’s fight image theft together!

We give photographers and independent creatives an opportunity to stand up for themselves. With Pixsy, only you can decide when and how your work is used.