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What Happens When You Photograph Copyrighted Work?

Barbara Konecny   •     •   Copyright, Photography

Featured Photo: Barbara Konecny, Head of Case Management at Pixsy, via Flickr || All rights reserved

Did you know that the Eiffel Tower’s lighting is a copyrighted work, distinct from the structure of the Eiffel Tower itself?

Publishing a photo of Pierre Bidreau’s “Illuminations” on your personal Facebook is unlikely to attract the attention of SETE, the managing company of the image of the Eiffel Tower. The limited application of freedom of panorama legislation in France does however mean that any publication that is not accompanied by attribution is illegal, regardless of whether the work is used for commercial or strictly personal purposes.

Some landmarks might seem to have an obvious answer to the question “what permissions, releases, or licenses are required before I publish this work?” Knowing the answer is not always so easy.

While it’s impossible to deal with this matter in general and on a global scale, what follows are considerations to take into account before you photograph a copyrighted work. After all, as creators, don’t we all wish that appropriate licenses and permissions were obtained before our work was reproduced?


Photo competitions, worth the risk?

Eben   •     •   Blog, Copyright, Photography

Competitions for photographers, are they worth it?
Featured Photo: Barbara Konecny, Head of Case Management at Pixsy, via Flickr || CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

If you’re a photographer looking for a wider audience, what better way than submitting your work to some competitions?

Photography contests often offer the chance to win money or camera gear. Others tempt you with promise of exposure to creative directors or bragging rights.

But before you hit submit, are you sure you know what will happen to your photos?


How to Expose Hoax and Stolen Images on Social Media

Graham   •     •   Copyright, Photography

When a friend or family member shares an image on their timeline, do we ever wonder where it came from? Or even, if it’s real? Some photographs are clearly too good to be true, but a sucker retweets every minute, and there’s a lot of money to be made from our collective gullibility.

Who out there can help us find fact from fiction in online photos? (more…)

Creative Commons 4.0 licenses – a guide for Pixsy users

Clare Collins   •     •   Copyright

creative commons 4.0 licenses
Featured Photo: Kristina Alexanderson, via Flickr // CC BY 2.0

Here at Pixsy, our users often ask how a Creative Commons license will affect their case submissions.

When the “next generation” of CC licenses, the 4.0 suite, were launched back in 2013 we were naturally eager to learn more about their impact on photography.

Over 2 years of research went into the development and creation of these new licenses. What does the CC 4.0 stand for? More importantly, what does it mean for photographers and their pursuit of unauthorised image use?


10 Copyright Court Cases Every Photographer Should Know

Graham   •     •   Copyright

When photographers think about image theft, copy-and-paste is the first thing that comes to mind. Copyright law is far more complex than that, and the courts are still ironing out certain details (such fair use).

Pixsy spoke with several of our copyright attorneys to identify famous copyright cases that changed the game forever for photographers.

Note: We mostly chose United States copyright cases to keep things consistent. We promise that copyright is equally complicated (and different) elsewhere in the word.


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