6 Winter Locations to add to your Photography Bucket List

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Arctic Winter Photo

Winter photography is that secret, seasonal weapon to make a landscape portfolio really stand out. That’s why every year, countless will brave the cold to capture snowy backdrops — frostbite and hypothermia be damned!

Pixsy reached out to the photographers behind six stunning winter landscape images. We wanted to know, in their words, what brought them to these dreamlike locations? What challenges did they encounter?

As it happens, each breathtaking photo was the result of careful planning, frosty intuition and, in some cases, a little bit of cold hard luck.


Is It Too Late to Jump on the Stock Photography Train?

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©2012 Blaine Harrington III ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Featured Photo: Blaine Harrington

At Pixsy, we see more and more photographers trying their skills at stock photography. For some it has become an additional (often a significant) source of income, for others — a sheer disappointment. We decided to talk about the pros and cons of going down that photography lane with Blaine Harrington, a long-term Pixsy user and a professional photographer with almost 40 years of stock photography experience. In this interview, Blaine shares his tips on how to take the most out of your stock experience and decide if this kind of photography is indeed for you.


Why We Are Thankful for You!

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Pixsy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2016 is going to be an important holiday here at the Pixsy offices. Quite a few of the team members hail from the United States, but this year all of us, regardless of where we’re from, have something special to be thankful for.

Over the last few months, thousands of photographers joined us in the fight against image theft. This team-up has seen case after case of unauthorized photo use resolved, and strengthened the rights of artists worldwide. We couldn’t have accomplished this and grown so much as a company without the help and patience of our users, so it’s about time we extend our thanks to the Pixsy community.


The Photographer’s Guide to Cyber Monday

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photography cyber monday
Featured Photo: Jeff Hopper

Cyber Monday is practically tailor-made for photographers. It’s the international internet holiday that allows creative professionals to one-up the notoriously high price of cameras and gear and gives hobbyists a chance to save some serious money in pursuit of their passion.

Today, Pixsy prepared an exclusive photographer’s guide to Cyber Monday that puts the best bargains, tailored to any budget, at your fingertips. Furthermore, we’ve got some great tips on how you can beat the traffic, and to ensure you aren’t suckered in by the rush.


Photographers’ Input Needed: “The State of Image Theft 2016”

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photography copyright questions
Featured Photo: Juliana Coutinho via Flickr || CC BY 2.0

Over the last year, Pixsy has teamed up with thousands of photographers to find and fight image theft.  Our users have given us remarkable insight into the countless ways an image can be misused, and where in the world it’s going down. However, we realize that so far we’ve only scratched the surface of the problem.

We want to help photographers better safeguard their work. Therefore, we’re releasing a comprehensive survey for “The State of Image Theft 2016”

Our aim is to reveal to the photographic community the impact copyright infringement has on their work, and to finally take this matter out of the shadows. Among others, we are seeking to reveal:


Photographers Caught in the Political Crossfire

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Trump sues photographer
Featured Image: Gage Skidmore, via Flickr || CC BY-SA 2.0

Whoever gets your vote this election, we can at least all agree that this contest was ugly. Even those making candidates look good on the trail, the photographers, weren’t safe from the mud-slinging.

Amateurs and professionals alike fell into the cross-fire over bizarre copyright cases. Experienced photojournalists defended their neutrality over the tiniest of details. Some stepped in when their work was inadvertently damaging (or salvaging) a campaign, or even turned the whole process into a farcical theatre.

What role should a photographer have other than to document? Are they to blame if a poorly timed image or too-truthful shoot damages poll numbers? And most importantly, why do presidential hopefuls think it’s OK to commandeer an artist’s work for political gain?


Ridiculous copyright myths infringers want you to believe – Part 2

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fair use criticism
Featured Photo: Ludovic Bertron via Flickr || CC BY 2.0

Even with a clear cut case of image theft, some copyright infringers remain defiant that they’re in the right. Copyright misuse isn’t always malicious, but there is usually a degree of legal ignorance involved, and unfortunately we at Pixsy see that disregard shared online continuously.

We wanted to cut down this mountain of misinformation, and so we previously published a list of ridiculous copyright myths and common excuses that (contrary to what you’ve heard) won’t absolve you from legal consequences. This continuation of that series has even more ridiculous defenses we’ve seen infringers use in the past, and why they aren’t as airtight as they’d believe.


Case of Image Theft by Trump Jr. Escalated into a Lawsuit

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Photographer sues Trump

Remember last month when there was a media uproar involving Donald Trump Jr. and a photographed bowl of Skittles? Today, we have received news from the photographer’s lawyer that David Kittos (the original photographer) is escalating the case into a lawsuit against not only Trump Jr., but Donald Trump, his campaign, AND Michael Pence. Read more for the full legal complaint and more information.


Let’s fight image theft together!

We give photographers and independent creatives an opportunity to stand up for themselves. With Pixsy, only you can decide when and how your work is used.