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Why do I see false matches in my Pixsy reverse image search results?

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Have you ever browsed through your Pixsy reverse image search results and seen something that just doesn’t make sense? Computers see images differently than people, and given the vast number of similar images on the Internet, you’re likely to experience what appears to be incorrect matching from time-to-time. Here’s an overview of the different types of false matches and why they occur.



What to do when ISIS steals your photo

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ISIL Steals Photo

Brian McCarty is best known for his War Toys Project, a photo essay exploring war from the perspective of the children who face it every day. Brian shot the photo on the top-left in Gaza in 2012 just before Operation Pillar of Defense. Last week, Brian emailed us to let us know that Pixsy’s reverse image search had found his photo manipulated and posted by ISIS on Twitter without credit, bearing the caption “Crusaders under bombardment.” This clearly isn’t how Brian intended his work to be used. Dealing with the typical case of photo theft is one thing, but what do you do when the world’s largest terrorist group rips off your work?


Let’s fight image theft together!

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