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10 Copyright Court Cases Every Photographer Should Know

Graham   •     •   Copyright

When photographers think about image theft, copy-and-paste is the first thing that comes to mind. Copyright law is far more complex than that, and the courts are still ironing out certain details (such fair use).

Pixsy spoke with several of our copyright attorneys to identify famous copyright cases that changed the game forever for photographers.

Note: We mostly chose United States copyright cases to keep things consistent. We promise that copyright is equally complicated (and different) elsewhere in the word.


The State of Image Theft in 2016

Karl Ryan   •     •   Copyright, Pixsy News

How were photographer’s images stolen in 2016?

Pixsy surveyed over 800 members of the photographic community about how their images were used — or misused — in 2016.

Read more for the most important findings from the report published as infographic cards, along with supporting statistics that paint a clearer picture of how images are stolen online.


Photographers’ Input Needed: “The State of Image Theft 2016”

Graham   •     •   Pixsy News

photography copyright questions
Featured Photo: Juliana Coutinho via Flickr || CC BY 2.0

Over the last year, Pixsy has teamed up with thousands of photographers to find and fight image theft.  Our users have given us remarkable insight into the countless ways an image can be misused, and where in the world it’s going down. However, we realize that so far we’ve only scratched the surface of the problem.

We want to help photographers better safeguard their work. Therefore, we’re releasing a comprehensive survey for “The State of Image Theft 2016”

Our aim is to reveal to the photographic community the impact copyright infringement has on their work, and to finally take this matter out of the shadows. Among others, we are seeking to reveal:


Ridiculous copyright myths infringers want you to believe – Part 2

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fair use criticism
Featured Photo: Ludovic Bertron via Flickr || CC BY 2.0

Even with a clear cut case of image theft, some infringers are convinced some copyright myths are true. Photo misuse isn’t always malicious, but there is a degree of legal ignorance involved. Unfortunately, we at Pixsy see that disregard shared online continuously.

We wanted to cut down this mountain of misinformation, and so we previously published a list of ridiculous copyright myths and common excuses. Contrary to what you’ve heard, these won’t absolve you from legal consequence. This continuation has even more ridiculous defenses we’ve seen infringers use. Here’s why they aren’t as airtight as they’d have you believe.


Case of Image Theft by Trump Jr. Escalated into a Lawsuit

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donald trump skittles
Featured Image: Gage Skidmore, via Flickr // CC-BY 2.0

Remember last month when there was a media uproar involving Donald Trump Jr. and a photographed bowl of Skittles? Today, we have received news from the photographer’s lawyer that David Kittos (the original photographer) is escalating the case into a lawsuit against not only Trump Jr., but Donald Trump, his campaign, AND Michael Pence. Read more for the full legal complaint and more information.


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